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Professional Diversity Network, Inc. Announces Its 2014 Financial Results

CHICAGO, March 31, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Professional Diversity Network, Inc. (Nasdaq:IPDN), ("PDN") a developer and operator of online networks that provide access to employment opportunities for diverse professionals in the United States, announced today its fiscal year-end financial results for the year ended December 31, 2014.

Highlights include:

  • Revenue booked increased from $1.5M in 4Q2013 to $8.3M in 4Q2014
  • Unaudited revenue booked in 1Q2015 increased to $11.2M from $1.6M in 1Q2014
  • 218,000 new PDN-specific registrations in March 2015 versus 37,000 in March 2014

2014 Year-End Financial Results

For the year ended December 31, 2014, PDN reported total revenue of $11,643,731, a 189% increase from the year ended December 31, 2013, attributable primarily to the integration of NAPW and Noble Voice and the increase in PDN direct sales. Total revenue for the fourth quarter of 2014 was $7,798,410, compared to $1,158,632 in the same period one year prior.

Total operating expenditures during 2014 increased from $6,044,999 to $17,241,301. For the quarter ended December 31, 2014, total operating expenditures were $11,469,128, an increase of $9,440,245 from $2,028,883 in the fourth quarter of 2013, primarily attributable to the merger with NAPW and acquisition of Noble Voice.

PDN reported a comprehensive loss for the year ended December 31, 2014 of $3,658,076 or $0.46 per share - compared to a comprehensive loss of $1,436,387, or $0.23 per share, in the year prior. Comprehensive loss for the quarter ended December 31, 2014 was $1,966,346 - compared to a comprehensive loss in the same period of the prior year of $540,766.

Total stockholders' equity at December 31, 2014 was $53,642,022, a decrease of $1,451,450 or 2.6% lower than the $55,093,472 at September 30, 2014.

Loss from operations during 2014 was $5,597,570 compared to a loss of $2,010,355 in the prior year, representing a 178% increase. During the fourth quarter of 2014, loss from operations was $3,670,718, compared to a loss of $870,251 during the same period one-year prior.

As of December 31, 2014 the Company had $6,718,345 in cash and short term investments and $11,844,718 in current assets, which represents a decrease of $8,208,983 in current assets from the prior year ended December 31, 2013, due to the merger with NAPW and the acquisition of Noble Voice, including transaction-related professional fees. Accounts receivable as of December 31, 2014 was $3,448,748, 183% more than the $1,218,112 which PDN reported at the end of 2013. Total assets for the period were $74,592,472, an increase of $52,572,275 from $22,020,197 that PDN reported during for the year ended December 31, 2013, largely attributable to the merger with NAPW and the acquisition of Noble Voice.

"Our year end results begin to illustrate the potential for us as we expand our footprint in the diversity recruitment arena. We acquired an important asset in the fourth quarter as well as implemented numerous expense reductions related to our NAPW purchase at the end of the third quarter. I look forward to discussing these successes on the forthcoming conference call," said Professional Diversity Network's CEO James Kirsch. Mr. Kirsch continued, "During the fourth quarter, we increased our bookings by 596% over the third quarter of 2014. As this is the last day of the first quarter of 2015, we are reporting that as of March 30, 2015 our company-wide bookings, unaudited, are $11.2 million, a 595% increase over the first quarter of 2014."

PDN will host a conference call at 4:30 pm Eastern Time today to discuss the financial results. Please call (877) 407-9205 (US toll free) or (201) 689-8054 (International) to participate in the call, no passcode needed. A replay of this conference call will also be available following the call at

Professional Diversity Network
  Year Ended December 31, 
  2014 2013
Recruitment services  $ 2,920,791  $ 2,468,382
Consumer advertising and consumer marketing solutions revenue  1,491,943  1,566,262
Membership fees and related services  5,932,138  -- 
Lead generation revenue  1,061,041  -- 
Product sales and other revenue  237,818  -- 
Total revenues  11,643,731  4,034,644
Costs and expenses:    
Cost of sales and services  2,153,900  1,152,544
Sales and marketing  8,040,797  2,346,847
General and administrative  6,392,109  2,268,118
Depreciation and amortization  1,084,451  281,648
Gain on bargain purchase of business  (429,956)  -- 
Gain on sale of property and equipment  --   (4,158)
Total costs and expenses  17,241,301  6,044,999
Loss from operations  (5,597,570)  (2,010,355)
Other income (expense)    
Interest expense  (3,370)  (155,136)
Interest and other income  84,519  25,765
Acquisition related costs  (1,195,195)  -- 
Loss on sale of marketable securities  --   (7,640)
Other income (expense), net  (1,114,046)  (137,011)
Change in fair value of warrant liability  (8,568)  330,147
Loss before income tax benefit  (6,720,184)  (1,817,219)
Income tax benefit  (3,062,108)  (380,832)
Net loss  $ (3,658,076)  $ (1,436,387)
Other comprehensive (loss) income:    
Net loss  $ (3,658,076)  $ (1,436,387)
Reclassification adjustments for losses on marketable securities included in net income  --   7,640
Comprehensive loss  $ (3,658,076)  $ (1,428,747)
Net loss per common share, basic and diluted  $ (0.46)  $ (0.23)
Weighted average shares used in computing net loss per common share:    
Basic and diluted  8,016,074  6,318,085
Pro forma computation related to conversion to a C corporation upon completion of initial public offering in 2013:    
Historical pre-tax net loss before taxes    $ (1,817,219)
Pro-forma tax benefit    (740,939)
Pro-forma net loss    $ (1,076,280)
Pro-forma loss per share - basic and diluted    
Unaudited pro-forma loss per share    $ (0.17)
Weighted average number of shares outstanding    6,318,085
Professional Diversity Network
  December 31,
  2014 2013
Current Assets:    
Cash and cash equivalents  $ 1,519,467  $ 18,736,495
Accounts receivable  3,448,748  1,218,112
Short-term investments  5,198,878  -- 
Incremental direct costs  900,868  -- 
Prepaid license fee  337,500  -- 
Prepaid expenses and other current assets  381,057  99,094
Deferred tax asset  58,200 -- 
Total current assets  11,844,718  20,053,701
Property and equipment, net  874,769  54,781
Capitalized technology, net  526,070  692,511
Goodwill  45,180,531  735,328
Intangible assets, net  14,934,225  90,400
Merchant reserve  860,849  -- 
Deferred tax asset  --   380,832
Security deposits  371,310  12,644
Total assets  $ 74,592,472  $ 22,020,197
Current Liabilities:    
Accounts payable  $ 4,941,135  $ 222,961
Accrued expenses  549,727  188,462
Deferred revenue  10,078,938  1,024,420
Customer deposits  337,500  -- 
Notes payable  1,389,386  -- 
Note payable - related party  437,186  -- 
Warrant liability  93,789  85,221
Capital lease obligations  15,232  -- 
Total current liabilities  17,842,893  1,521,064
Deferred rent  25,946  -- 
Deferred tax liability  3,081,611  -- 
Total liabilities  20,950,450  1,521,064
Commitments and contingencies  
Stockholders' Equity    
Common stock, $0.01 par value, 25,000,000 shares authorized, 12,928,072 shares and 6,318,227 shares issued as of December 31, 2014 and 2013, respectively, and 12,719,689 and 6,316,027 shares outstanding as of December 31, 2014 and 2013, respectively  127,280  63,182
Additional paid in capital  58,646,322  21,883,593
Accumulated deficit  (5,094,463)  (1,436,387)
Treasury stock, at cost; 8,382 shares at December 31, 2014 and 2,200 shares at December 31, 2013  (37,117)  (11,255)
Total stockholders' equity  53,642,022  20,499,133
Total liabilities and stockholders' equity  $ 74,592,472  $ 22,020,197

About Professional Diversity Network (PDN)

Professional Diversity Network, Inc. (PDN) is an Internet software and services company that develops and operates online professional networking communities dedicated to serving diverse professionals in the United States and employers seeking to hire diverse talent. Our subsidiary, National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), is one of the largest, most recognized networking organizations of professional women in the country, spanning more than 200 industries and professions. Through an online platform and our relationship recruitment affinity groups, we provide our employer clients a means to identify and acquire diverse talent and assist them with their efforts to comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program. Our mission is to utilize the collective strength of our affiliate companies, members, partners and unique proprietary platform to be the standard in business diversity recruiting, networking and professional development for women, minorities, veterans, LGBT and disabled persons globally.

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